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Children, Youth, and Family Ministries



Hi, I'm Gary.  I am so excited to meet you!  

We have lots of kids and youth programming; join us in the fun! 

Questions or need more info?

Contact me, Gary!  I'm happy to help.

Upcoming Family Events

Messy Church
Multiple Dates
May 13, 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Christ Church Calgary Gym (Lower Level),
3602 8 St SW, Calgary, AB

At Christ Church, caring for families isn’t just creating events for parents or children. Rather, caring looks like a child showing off her crayon colourings to another teenager, a ministry director showing adults his favourite boardgame, or a retired congregant listening to a tired new parent. Supporting families of Calgary means inviting them to be family to one another the way that Jesus of Nazarene chose to be a needy child and a family member devoted to people everywhere.


Old and young, gay and straight, trans and cisgender, we as a family are committed to meeting, listening, and eating together in places like Messy Church (once a month meals, arts, and activities as a celebration of life and God--a different way of doing church), Children’s Service (weekly learning and participation in age-appropriate liturgies, stories, and games), Parents Relaxation nights, and Youth Group Events (bowling, sports, arts, and bible studies, all to do with being a teenager in this world)

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