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What we believe

Anglicans are a people united by common prayer through our liturgies and music. We are part of the living communion of Christ recognizing our relationship through history and our place in its future, knowing this continuity shapes the way we live in the world. We all come from different places, and encounter God in a variety of ways. Centered on Christ, we find paths to be in healthy relationship with one another across our differences.

What we are called to do

We are called to bear witness to the work of God in the world. In the beauty of creation, in acts of reconciliation, in lives transformed by grace, we see the gentle hand of God.  And we worship.


We are called to join in God's work. To be agents of God's work of healing, justice, and peace. To reflect the light of God's love in dark places. To bring joy to our homes and neighbourhoods.


We are called to be an inclusive community, where all sorts of people can find a spiritual home. We seek to be welcoming to people of all races, to LGBTQ+ folks, to those unsure about their own faith or beliefs. We welcome questions, and seek to journey together towards God, and towards wholeness for ourselves and our world.


We are called to love God, expressed through ancient liturgies in a uniquely Anglican way.


We are called to love one another, expressed through a radical welcome to all who seek God.


We are called to serve, expressed through acts of service to make our community and world a better place for all.

Who we are

We aspire to make the world a kinder, more just place for all people.  We are a community that believes the essence of God is love and we can worship through genuine acts of kindness, inclusivity, and generosity.  Through the teachings of Christ, we examine how we may make a difference in our own lives, our friends and family, and the larger communities we call home.

Our Staff


The Reverend Brandon Witwer

Brandon has been on staff at Christ Church since 2017 and was made Rector in March 2022.​


Originally from central Alberta, Brandon grew up Roman Catholic, spent a decade with the Baptists in his teens and twenties, and found a permanent spiritual home in the Anglican Church while living in Belgium where he earned a MA in Church History at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven.  The rootedness in tradition, the beauty of the liturgy, and the capacity for intellectual engagement with faith that are natural to the Anglican tradition drew him to pursue ordination and study for a M.Div. at Wycliffe College in Toronto.​


Brandon is passionate about spiritual formation (his BA from Rocky Mountain College is in Christian Spirituality).  His call is to equip people to live into the fullness of life God has for them through a life of service rooted in communion with God. 

Cogs, Nuts and Bolts

Assistant Priest

Adam Bedford
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Children, Youth, and Families Ministry

Gary Mak
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Program Director, Christ Church Preschool

Heather Marples
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John Bouz

John's bio coming soon

Cogs, Nuts and Bolts

Office Administrator

Cynthia Simeon

Director of Music

Paul Grindlay
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Colin Redekop

Our Wardens



Christ Church welcomes inquiries about baptism from anyone who seeks Christ in their life.


We welcome people - from infant to adult - into the Body of Christ through the sacrament of baptism celebrated in the name of The Holy Trinity.


All who desire baptism are welcome to find it here.


Christ Church welcomes requests for Christian marriage from any baptized person.  Membership in the parish is not a requirement.

All weddings at Christ Church are part of our worship as a community. They follow the Anglican service for the blessing of marriage and are performed exclusively by our own clergy.

Marriage preparation is a

requirement for marriage in any Anglican Church in Canada.

We lament that at this time, due to diocesan policy, we are not able to offer same sex weddings.  We pray for the day when we can celebrate equal marriage in our church.


We are honoured to assist anyone at the time of a death of a loved one, regardless of their background.

You do not need to be a member of the church.


If you seek a memorial, communion, or burial rite in the Anglican tradition, we are willing and able to help.

History & Archives

We have a century of vibrant history inside these walls

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