The Halo Effect - Holy Leverage

In Calgary, the "Halo Effect" is x4.77!

It's good to have a church in your neighbourhood - anchoring community and serving people. Churches...
- teach generosity and their members lead by example
- are good for the economy, generating economic activity
- patronize local businesses and trades
- pay their bills in full and on time
- generate community engagement that’s also good for business
- create jobs, paying living wages
- offer services and volunteer power that relieve the public purse

All this pours energy and money back into the economy, but...

Governments know the above, AND that churches are good for quality of life but, more importantly, they know if you had to pay to replace what churches do, the costs would be enormous. One study has actually monetized this and called it the “Halo Effect.” And they have published a “Halo Calculator”, with regional estimates as to how a church can multiply the value of a monetary gift based on an aggregate of the common good and services the church provides.

Calgary's “Halo Effect” factor, at 4.77, means if you give $5000 a year to Christ Church, the Halo Project estimates the public good and service provided back to the community is equal to a $23,850 impact.*

Then, consider the tax deduction you receive for donations, relative to your donation costs, depending on your tax rate, that factor can be as high at 10x on your actual cost.

That’s quite a stunning return on investment!

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