About Our Parish

Who We Are

We are a community learning to follow in the way of Jesus Christ.  We do that through worship that is beautiful, dignified, and genuine. Through care for our world's most vulnerable by acts of kindness and generosity. And through the friendships old and new that we share at Christ Church.  

We pray that we will look more and more like Christ who is a perfect model of love, compassion, justice, and joy.

What We Are Called To

Seeking a Life of Faith

We are called to bear witness to the work of God in the world.  In the beauty of creation, in acts of reconciliation, in lives transformed by grace, we see the gentle hand of God. And we worship.

We are called to join in God's work.  To be agents of God's work of healing, justice, and peace.  To reflect the light of God's love in dark places.  To bring joy to our homes and neighbourhoods.

We are called to be an inclusive community, where all sorts of people can find a spiritual home.  We seek to be welcoming to people of all races, to LGBTQ+ folks, to those unsure about their own faith or beliefs.  We welcome questions, and seek to journey together towards God, and towards wholeness for ourselves and our world.

The journey of faith is dynamic and goes through many seasons over a life - both for individuals and for a faith community.  Through the changing seasons of life and faith, Christ Church offers a safe space to come as you are.  We have grey-headed members whose families have worshiped here for five or six generations. We have young families who have just moved to the neighbourhood.  We have life-long Anglicans, ex-evangelicals, and people who wouldn't comfortably identify with any religious descriptor.  

We all walk together on this path because the spiritual life, while deeply personal, is not private.  It is made to be lived in community.