The Christ Church Legacy Circle

The Anglican Parish of Christ Church Elbow Park Endowment Trust

Every generation works hard to build up the worship, mission and fellowship of Christ Church. Our Endowment Trust was created as a message to future generations about the importance of financial sustainablility of the parish and its work. The Anglican Parish of Christ Church Elbow Park Endowment Trust is a recognized charity by Canada Revenue Agency. For any planned or current gifts to the Trust, the donor will receive a receipt for income tax purposes.

The fund is managed by The Calgary Foundation. From the income earned on this fund, The Calgary Foundation distributes approximately 4% of the fund balance to Christ Church for its operations unless designated otherwise by the donor. By protecting the capital, the trust is a gift to Christ Church in perpetuity - a financial engine that just keeps on giving!

What is the Legacy Circle?

Legacy Circle members have told us that they have planned a gift in their estate to the endowment trust. The greatest gifts you offer in life are the ones still around long after you are gone, but The Legacy Circle exists to recognize and celebrate this group of people while you are here!

If you would like to become a part of this circle or to contacted for more information, download the request form and we will reach out to you.

Support What You Love About Christ Church

Often, people have a connection with a particular part of our mission and work. When you make or plan a gift to the endowment trust, you support our whole ministry that makes possible all the parts of it you may love. Some examples might be:

- General Operations
- Leadership: Staff and Associate Full Time Positions
- Caring for The Building and Grounds
- Music Ministry
- Children & Youth Ministry and staff to support them
- Outreach Initiatives and community partnerships

Planning A Gift - Which Option is Right for You?

The type of gift you plan can be crafted suit your circumstances best. Insurance policies, annuities, transfer of securities, residual gifts after your other priorities are also named... these are but a few of the considerations you will want to evaluate in your desire to make a gift. We want to maximize the benefit to your estate and to the church as well. Your financial advisor may have already helped you in this regard. We can also make recommendations that will maximize your gift and could also provide a greater benefit to your other intended beneficiaries of your estate.