Making an Offering - Ways to Give

Giving Methods

Preauthorized Giving - just click the link for the form!


This method is very popular because it is easy, and involves no fee to the church, maximizing your gift. Just log into your online banking and find e-transfers. Send your donation to In a separate email, to the same address, please send your full name and address, envelope number if known, and what the funds are for if they are not for regular offerings



Click here to use Christ Church's secure gift window at or download the Push Pay App.

Transfer of Securities

Christ Church is equipped to receive transfers. There are enormous capital gains advantages to the donor. Use the Transfer of Securities form.

Online Banking

Set "Christ Church - Elbow Park" as the payee. For your six digit account number, use 001 then add the three digits of your envelope number, then set the amount of your gift.

Telephone Banking

Call the number your bank card. Enter your bank card number and your PIN when prompted. You will be directed to a customer service rep who will do the rest for you. Use the same six digit number as above. 


At the Office

In-person or at 403-243-4680, make a gift using your credit card. Card numbers are destroyed after processing. Remember, the church incurs a fee of as much as 3% of your gift for credit card offerings.

By Canada Post

The Anglican Parish of Christ Church, Elbow Park
3602 8th Street SW
Calgary, Alberta
T2T 3A7

Or the best way: come and worship, and make an offering in community!

All gifts to Christ Church Elbow Park, Calgary are fully eligible for a tax credit for income tax purposes.
Our Canadian Revenue Agency charitable registration number is:
13248 9477 RR0001.
Thank You!

Thank you for sharing our vision of compassion, worship and hope. Christ Church thrives because gifts like yours fully fund our mission.

Stewardship - Caring for God's Gifts...

Christians believe that life is a God-given gift. Being a good steward of that gift is our sacred response for every gift left in our care. Our time, talents and money, love and vocation are meant to serve others and build community. In this, we learn that a living is made by what we earn, but a life is made by what we give.

How Much Do I Give?

Giving forms relationship - with God, one another and with community. We give out of our own need to do so. Scripture teaches that we should set aside 10% of our income to provide for the needs of others. Gifts ought to be offered based on "first fruits"... what's right, not what's left over. Guidance about how to support your church as a first priority can begin with the 1/1000 guideline - give a dollar a week for each $1000/year in income. Gifts will vary depending on individual circumstances. Give according to your ability: a small gift can make a huge difference.


In Loving Memory of...
Tribute gifts can be designated to a ministry close to the heart of a departed loved one.


Designate Your Gift To...
- General Operations
- To support or expand our staff team
- Caring for The Building and Grounds
- The Endowment Fund - a Legacy of Faith
- Music Ministry
- Children & Youth Ministry
- Outreach Initiatives
- The Rector's Discretionary Fund
- Special Projects


or any ministry you choose!