Christ Church, Elbow Park, Calgary

The Labyrinth
Our Labyrinth was created in celebration of our first 100 years as a community of faith in Jesus Christ.

Created from paving and other stones, it is set out in courses that are meant to be walked as an aid to meditation and prayer. The use of such a form of prayer appears in many cultures and faiths, but ours is based on the Christian labyrinths you will find throughout old Europe, including such famous ones as in Amiens or Chartres. Unlike a maze, which is designed to puzzle and contain, a Labyrinth has one path from outside into the centre and back. Thus, the experience of the Labyrinth is not to solve a puzzle, but to be invited into an experience or path of prayer.

The Labyrinth is beside the church to the south. It is fully accessible, four seasons, 24 hours a day. It is available at any time for anyone's respectful use: try it!

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